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Bhansali Industries has established itself as an esteemed organization, known as the Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier of Cotton of different types. The variety of our Cotton includes Bleached Cotton – Deshi Bengal and Comber, Absorbent Cotton Rolls, Zigzag Cotton and Non Absorbent Cotton, etc.

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Absorbent Cotton

absorbent cotton
Absorbent Cotton

We present to our valued clients, the finest range of Absorbent Cotton. The Absorbent Cotton that we offer is available as Absorbent Bleached Cotton, Absorbent Zig Zag Cotton and Dental Absorbent Cotton Rolls. Our Absorbent Cotton is processed with the specialized technique and is free from any kind of impurities. This Absorbent Cotton has high absorbency and has a number of applications. Cost effectiveness is another factor which adds up to the demand of our Absorbent Cotton in the market.

absorbent cotton

Absorbent Cotton Rolls

Product Description

Absorbent cotton is obtained from degreased and bleached short, very loose, soft cotton fibers or viscose staple fiber. The fibrous material is in part broken down to the individual fibers, which naturally adhere together. Absorbent cotton for medical dressings consists of nonwoven fleeces of fine, roughly parallel, knot-free cotton fibers, up to 3 cm in length, made from spinning mill waste (comber waste). It is sterile and is therefore suitable for use in dressings.

Quality / Duration of storage

Do not accept for loading absorbent cotton which is wet, damp, contaminated or discolored. Subject to compliance with the appropriate temperature and humidity/moisture conditions, duration of storage is not a limiting factor as regards transport and storage life.

The basic raw material used for surgical cotton and dressings is the short staple raw cotton fibres or the waste cotton fibres. The surgical cotton in biomedicine is used in three different forms:

  • Non-absorbent, bleached cotton
  • Absorbent not bleached cotton
  • Absorbent bleached cotton