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Bhansali Industries has established itself as an esteemed organization, known as the Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier of Cotton of different types. The variety of our Cotton includes Bleached Cotton – Deshi Bengal and Comber, Absorbent Cotton Rolls, Zigzag Cotton and Non Absorbent Cotton, etc.

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Absorbent Bleached Cotton

absorbent cotton rolls, zig zag cotton rolls
Absorbent Bleached Cotton

The clients can avail from us the highest-grade Absorbent Bleached Cotton. Our Absorbent Bleached Cotton can also be customized, as per the specific requirements of the clients. We can also supply Deshi Bengal Cotton and Comber Cotton. The Absorbent Bleached Cotton, offered by us, undergoes drug and pharmaceuticals tests. Moreover, a special emphasis is given upon the absorbency and whiteness, to ensure the best quality of Absorbent Bleached Cotton. Our Absorbent Bleached Cotton is natural, odorless, and safe to use. Formulated with mild and safe chemicals, our Absorbent Bleached Cotton is then neutralized to its natural form.

absorbent cotton rolls, zig zag cotton rolls

Absorbent Cotton Rolls

Product Description

Surgical cotton that is hydrogen peroxide bleached absorbent cotton like Uncarded Bleached Cotton, Cotton Wool Rolls, Cotton Balls, Cotton Pads. Uncarded Bleached Cotton suitable for production of absorbent cotton products.

Product Description:

Manufactured as per B.P, J.P, U.S.P standards.


Bale of 175 to 200kgs wrapped with high density polythene.


1100 * 640* 800mm (bale)

  • Absorbent core formers
  • Spunlacing and hydroentangling lines
  • Carding and bonding installations
  • Thermal bonding blending lines
  • Airlay formers
  • Coform installations