Absorbent Zig Zag Cotton

Our Absorbent Zig Zag Cotton has a unique and rough appearance and is very gentle and hygienic, so that it can be used on delicate skin and wounds. These characteristics make our Absorbent Zig Zag Cotton a preferred and 1st choice amongst the doctors. This Absorbent Zig Zag Cotton is free of impurities as we process it by using the specialized techniques. We can provide our Absorbent Zig Zag Cotton in bulk quantities as per the clients’ requirement.

Product Description

Surgical cotton that is hydrogen peroxide bleached absorbent cotton like Uncarded Bleached Cotton, Cotton Wool Rolls, Cotton Balls, Cotton Pads. Uncarded Bleached Cotton suitable for production of absorbent cotton products.

  • Gentle
  • Rough
  • Free of impurities

Applications :

  • Surgical purposes
  • Cosmetics